I'm glad you're here!


Hey there, my name is Lindsay miller...

as I'm sure you've propably guessed I am the lead photographer and owner here at Miss. Miller's Photography!

But enough of that boring stuff! YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE HECK I GOT HERE...right? I didn't always spend every weekend with strangers asking them how they met asking them to cuddle in a pasture full of cattle. I didn't always lug around a fancy Nikon on my hip everywhere I went, in fact three years ago you could have easily found me either logging hours in the gym or studying for my next bio or chem test!  I wore exhaustion like a champ, I was determined to get into vet school, I had been chasing the same dream since I was 5 years old when my mom and dad got me my first bottle lamb.

At the age of 20, I took a year off of college after I had to leave the sport that had held my hand forever and that I had used as a social and time managing "crutch" for practically my entire life! During this time my parents and little brother moved back out to the family farm to help out my grandfather (a lifestyle my entire family gave up so I could pursue sports and education at a bigger "city"  5A high school) so I decided to join. 

After so much change during 8 short months, I felt like a different person. Different in a good way, but I was also very lost. I had no idea what direction my life was headed in, thankfully my family was incredibly supportive. So with my mom's D3200 in tow I started snapping photos of the cattle at our feedlot. I started uploading the photos to an album on Facebook (seriously it's still on there) called "Life on the Farm". My "city" friends LOVED it, a few photos of cattle and people started messaging me that "YOU NEED TO BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER", well fast forward almost three years later and here we are! 

I once made my best friend from college make a "365 days of life" photo album to document each day of our crazy freshmen year! She still claims that all the signs of me becoming a photographer have always been there.

Today you can probably find me sipping on unsweet tea or a diet coke and planning ways to make my next photo session stand out from all the rest! I have been blessed with a lifestyle that still allows me to pursue my passion for livestock, agriculture and LOVE but instead of a stethoscope and white coat I use a camera and lens!

I am incredibly close with my family, they are my rock but more importantly my best friends. I am a daddy's girl who is determined to hang with the boys but my mamma taught me how to bake a cookie better than Better Crocker. I think I feel most connected to couples and capturing love because I have read almost every Nicholas Sparks novel, watched every Ryan Gosling movie, when I watch Star Wars my favorite character is Anakin Skywalker because he does EVERYTHING out of his love for Padme (whoa.. I promise I am not a Start Wars fan- we are actually just watching it as I am typing this!). Point is, I am a hopeless romantic.  Currently I am living in Northern Colorado with my wonderful fiancé Tucker and our crazy dogs-Riley, Sadie and Sassy!