Taylor and Eric were looking to purchase their first home early 2018, when they stumbled upon her dream home!….wait let me back up..

Taylor is a girl from Michigan. As you might imagine she had no idea how to swing dance, yet she found herself in a good ole country bar we have here in Northern Colorado known as “Sundance”. Eric on the other hand, well let’s just say this wasn’t his first rodeo! With the music thumping all she could see was that this guy was the best lead out on the floor…and then that guy came up to her and asked her to dance. Call it butterflies, cliche or not, Taylor knew something felt different about this one! Twirling her around and around, song after song Eric kept on asking her to dance again.

“Last call” The bartender was shutting it down later that evening and Eric asked this amazing girl for her number. Being that she had just moved to Colorado, Taylor was apprehensive to the idea of going on a date with someone she hardly knew AND not to mention this stranger wasn’t even someone her friend or family introduced her too. As I am sure you already guessed that “what if” feeling started to sink in with Taylor, they became inseparable after finally agreeing to go out on a date with him. So as I was saying before, the two were looking to purchase their first home..

Early 2018 Taylor and Eric stumbled upon their dream home, it had the perfect amount of character and charm. You could also say that it was almost too good, Fixer Upper newly remodeled in 2018 good. This 1890’s home was it, Taylor knew it. This was the home. However life doesn’t always work out the way we hoped it would in our heads, shortly after placing an offer on the house she received a call from their realtor explaining that they had been outbid. Taylor was devastated and to make matters worse, every time she would talk to Eric about how upset this whole situation made her, he would shrug it off. “Oh well, maybe the deal won’t go through, let’s not talk about it.”

A little over a month had passed and as Taylor continued to drive by her dream home. She watched as the “SOLD” sign was pounded into the front lawn and in that moment she knew that her dream was over.

It was not mid April, out of no where Taylor’s parents planned a random visit to Colorado to catch up with the two of them. Eric decided the group should get together with his parents over dinner as so it was set! Thinking nothing of it they all headed over the Eric’s parents home for dessert, but Eric had something much sweeter in mind. In the middle of kitchen that night Eric got down on one knee and asked Taylor if she would be his wife. She said yes, they all hugged and cried.

And then.
Eric: “I have one more surprise too. Remember that house in Evan? I’m the one who bought it, I told our realtor to call you and tell you we didn’t get it. I’ve been doing all of the behind the scenes work on my lunch hour.”

Is this real life? Surprised was an understatement for sure, she couldn’t stop crying. Everything that Taylor had been dreaming about, Eric knew how to make it all come true.

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