Hold your horses! I believe everyone deserves a photographer they truly want to be friends with!

My style is very personal…





HECK YA! I totally could see it!

If you came here trying to find a deal or discount, that’s not me! Reach out to me because you love my STYLE. Then ask yourself, would we be besties in real life?! Honestly I don’t want to take your money if we aren’t a good fit, everyone deserves to find the perfect photographer!





Connection between me and you, well it’s like chocolate and peanut butter-ya just can’t go wrong!

You could hire someone who is just there to make a buck, or you could hire someone who understands you! I want to share my stories with you, hear your goals and laugh until we pee our pants!





Let’s get a little crazy and capture the real YOU!

Throw away all those stuffy poses! Whatever your personality is, lets roll with it! Silly or Edgy!



Where creativity meets timelessness

I may do things a little differently, but I am looking for clients who also do things a little differently!


*In the case of excessive travel, a travel fee will be applied*


Lets celebrate YOU and all those achievements, I want to know your hobbies and future plans to help tell YOUR story!

BRONZE $300- Up to 3 outfits - 40 to 50 digital images - Print Release 

SILVER $400 - Up to 4 outfits - 60 to 70 digital images - Print Release

GOLD $650 - Multi Date Session - Up to 6 outfits -  100 to 120 digital images - Print Release



I can only take a limited number of family sessions each year in order to focus on wedding clients!

STANDARD $275 - 40 to 50 digital images - Up to 1 outfit - Print Release

**additional fees for groups larger than 7 


Time to celebrate your joy with the world! Whether it's a birth announcement or baby bump photos, you've come to the right place! 

STANDARD $250 - 40 to 50 digital images - Up to 1 outfits - Print Release

DELUXE  $400 - Print Release - TWO PART SESSION - Part 1: 40 to 50 digital images birth announcement photos. Part 2: 40 to 50 digital images at 30 weeks.



Dating...anniversary...just wanting to spice up your Instagram game?

STANDARD $275 - 70 to 80 digital images - Up to 2 outfits - Print Release

Styled Shoots

Perfect for boutiques to capture new looks, models looking to add to their portfolio and anyone looking to add some killer photos to their Instagram feed!

STANDARD $200 - 50 to 60 digital images - Up to 3 outfits

BOUTIQUES Email me with an outfit count and how many models you are planning on so I can get you a CUSTOM quote! 


My favorite type of session (if I'm being honest!) Up until this point, I am sure this is the most important time in your lives! We need to set the tone for the Wedding and capture images that show off the real "us".

SILVER $300 - 90 to 100 digital images - Up to 2 outfits - 1 8x10 print


Congrats!! this day is going to be amazing and I want to help make all of your memories come to life with one of a kind service and a PERSONALIZED timeline! 

WEDDING DAY 2018 and 2019 slots are filling up fast! 

STARTING AT $2,300 - 8 Hours of Coverage - Includes Engagement Session - 2 Photographers - Print Release - Approximately 500+ images -  Custom Wedding Timeline - 




My background and the folks who might dig it.

 I was country before “country” was cool….LOL let me tell ya-those were the days!

Every bone in my body wants to photograph down to earth country people having a dang good time. Now this doesn’t mean that I can’t get a little hipster every now and then but I want to be honest and let you know that I am really just a simple girl from a town of population zero (or at least it feels that way)!

Denim and lace, boots and the smell of real leather are my JAM. There is really nothing better than this way of life!

Now I could blah blah blah to you all day…but take it from my past clients!



Ready website.jpg

I want you to be just as excited about this as I am! It’s safe to say I’ll do my happy dance in my living room when I hear from ya!